About Us

Ask Stijn Vanrutten why he created Zavato Home and you will get a straightforward reply “because I like a nice interior and want to help others find nice things too.”

 Belgium born and bred, Stijn is a believer of making a house a home, filling it with beautiful and interesting items. Why shouldn’t you stuff it with the things you love, and make it as unique as you are? It’s your home, make it yours.

 So where did Stijn find his inspiration for Zavato Home ? Interior and design may be his passion, but he’s always been a man of many talents - he’s not just got a flair for sourcing gorgeous goodies for the home.

 Stijn actually started out as a baker, running his own bakery and spending much of his time elbow deep in flour, sugar and eggs. He worked hard to master his art, making it his mission to ensure his delicious hand-made pastries looked as good as they tasted.

 So, when Stijn decided it was time for a new venture, it’s no surprise to learn that he continued on his quest for aesthetic pleasure. Just like the beautiful pastries in his very first store, Stijn wanted everything offered by his new interior design store to catch the eye.

 With this in mind Stijn went on to create Zavatohome, an online store offering homeware to complement your living space. He reasoned that attractive, and designer items should be available to all, not just those with deep pockets.

 The extensive range includes cute cushions, lovely lighting and killer kitchenware, along with a whole host of other handsome homeware. It’s fair to say that Stijn has put his heart and soul into sourcing quality pieces that he truly loves. Whilst he understands that style is often a matter of personal taste, he hopes you will appreciate his efforts!



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Zavato Home

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